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The accordion shutter consists of interconnected extruded aluminum panels that move horizontally between an upper and lower track. The upper track, called a header, is wide enough to accommodate the wheel and carriage assemblies that are attached to the top of every other panel. This allows for ease of movement when opening and closing the shutter. The lower track, called a sill, guides and secures the bottom of each panel.

The accordion shutter is manually operated, which means that you must have access to the shutter so you can open or close it by hand. This presents no obstacle if the shutter is mounted in front of glass doors or windows on the first floor or accessible from a balcony. But if mounted over an inaccessible window, operation would require the window to be opened and the screen removed in order to open or close the shutter.

Key Benefits


The accordion shutter can be designed to open or close as one unit, moving left to right or right to left. For larger areas it can have a center opening, so that half the shutter would move to the right and the other half to the left. Radius corners are also available.




Hinged Storm Panel

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Hinged Storm Panel

All Season Rolling Shutters are custom fit and installed on the outside of your home or business. The shutters are opened from the inside with a manual or electric opening mechanism. Slat material is made of aluminum or PVC and run in tracks mounted on the side of your openings and come in a variety of neutral colors.

Rolling shutters provide additional security for your home or business while providing a barrier against high winds and flying debris. Shutters help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter while adding a capital improvement to your home or business.

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